About Carter’s Cake Factory

About Carter’s Cake Factory

About The Carters
Carter’s Cake Factory was birthed in the heart of its founder, Francine Carter when she was a young girl. Insightful and curious, Francine stood by her mom’s side while she cooked. Yes, she learned how to cook various items but fell I love with “baking,” especially desserts.

Following her passion, Francine perfected her craft by attending culinary school. Soon afterward, there began an outpour of requests for “cakes and more”…which resulted in the manifestation of “Cake Factory.”

“I am not just concerned that the product is appealing to the eye, but that it also tastes good and my customers are satisfied.”- Francine 

To accomplish this, sometimes special consideration is made with added touches that make the product personal… at no additional cost. In considering the health-conscious customers, Francine has also provided an assortment of “vegan” cake, cookies and MORE.

“Making Sweet Things Happen.”

“Making Sweet Things Happen.”

Francine and her staff have accomplished their goal in providing excellent service by using the finest products and giving the utmost care and attention to the customer’s requests. Tour the site and indulge in a Carters – The Cake Factory and MORE experience.

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Carter's Cake Factory

Carter's Cake Factory is focused on providing a high-quality product and excellent customer service.  We will do everything we can to meet and exceed your expectations.

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